Introducing the Tractor Zoom Pro brand

Since first launching Iron Comps in 2019 to produce accessible and transparent equipment comparables, we’ve experienced rapid growth and innovation that has transformed the platform to more than just comps.
Today, our proprietary Tractor Zoom Pro database includes over $34B (and $1B added monthly) of auction sale price, retail list price, and first-party sold data. With this resource, our team has built forecasting tools, market trends, inventory and repricing insights, equipment cataloging, appraisal workflows, automated equipment valuations at scale, and much more. So, we have rebranded to a name that better reflects our growing suite of products and services while underscoring our dedication to meet our clients' evolving needs.
As part of the update, we’re debuting:
  • A new logo that fuses the strength needed to operate in the farm and heavy machinery industries with the vision to harness data and technology to solve today’s challenges.
  • A new website,, that provides a deeper look at the platform, the audiences it serves, plus key market updates, resources, and other thought leadership.
  • A new product, Tractor Zoom Pro Appraisals, enables equipment dealers to digitally catalog equipment, evaluate comparable sales against auction, retail, and first-party sold data, and generate customer appraisals in the field or office, all within a single platform.
“While the name and logo are changing, the way the platform performs and the way we show up for our clients is not,” said Kyle McMahon, CEO and Founder of Tractor Zoom. “Our ongoing dedication is rooted in listening to our customers. We have the unique opportunity for Tractor Zoom Pro to become synonymous with the data and technology needed to drive digital transformation, and we remain eager to equip our clients with this and equipment insights that are honest, accessible, and actionable.”
We’re honored to continue serving our customers, bring innovation to the industry, and bridge the gap between heavy machinery data and business decisions.

Interested in learning how Tractor Zoom Pro can help your organization make data-driven decisions?