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The Tractor Zoom Solution Suite

Tractor Zoom

Market your used equipment to a growing audience of qualified buyers across the country, all for free and with little, if any, effort of your part.

Tractor Zoom PRO

Streamline and automate used equipment valuation and pricing decisions with the fastest growing, most transparent farm equipment and heavy machinery database.

Anvil PRO

Deliver a connected customer experience with the only scalable, dealership-specific CRM that seamlessly connects inventory, customer data, and operation workflows.

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Build Your Wholesale Network

Our Wholesale Marketplace provides a free space for Tractor Zoom Pro dealers to connect with other data-driven dealers across the U.S. to help source and sell their inventory, regardless of brand affiliation.

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Take charge of your inventory insights

When off-color, likely to age, or other at-risk units on the lot need to be moved, the Tractor Zoom Pro Wholesale Marketplace provides a free, dealer-to-dealer channel to quickly take action. Unlike other wholesale solutions, Tractor Zoom Pro helps dealers turn equipment faster by seamlessly translating inventory insights into action, all without needing to leave Tractor Zoom Pro.

Free access

Enjoy the benefits of this new solution without additional charges. The Wholesale Marketplace is completely free for existing Tractor Zoom Pro users.

animation of Tractor Zoom Pro Wholesale Marketplace
desktop view of creating wholesale listing

Seamless integration

The Wholesale Marketplace integrates into your existing Tractor Zoom Pro toolkit, offering an additional lever to pull for inventory optimization.

Exclusive quality

The Wholesale Marketplace is exclusive to Tractor Zoom Pro subscribers only, so you can trust in the quality of both listings and buyers. No tire-kickers allowed, just valuable connections.

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desktop view of Tractor Zoom Pro Equipment Wishlist

Proactive wishlist

Be proactive in your equipment buying by setting up a wishlist of desired equipment and receive notifications when those units hit the Wholesale Marketplace.



Designed for the modern workforce, Iron Comps provides all the accuracy, efficiency, and profitability of a big data platform while still quickly adapting to a business’ preferred processes.


Sale data on heavy equipment is just that, data. Iron Comps provides value by translating data into actionable insights that can be leveraged to make profitable business decisions.

Developed based on direct feedback from dealers like you, the Wholesale Marketplace provides both equipment buyers and sellers with a tangible mechanism to positively influence their inventory turn – all in one platform. 

Buyer benefits:

  • Access to rich listing data including full specs and images, as well as retail, auction, and wholesale prices
  • Compare listings against Tractor Zoom Pro Market Trends, filtered down to specific sales regions to understand market conditions in your area of responsibility (AOR)
  • Analyze estimated carrying costs prior to purchase to make informed buying decisions

Sellers benefits:

  • Add inventory already featured in Tractor Zoom Pro with just a click of a button
  • Add inventory not featured in Tractor Zoom Pro with a simple form entry or call to a dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Remove the middleman and easily initiate sale inquiries in-platform, then transition to communication directly between buyer and seller
man standing in front of combine harvesters

Wholesale Marketplace in Action

See how our Wholesale Marketplace provides equipment dealers with a lever to take action on their off-color, likely to age, or other at-risk units.


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Experience the power of inventory insights + action in person. Request a demo of Wholesale Marketplace today.

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