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The Tractor Zoom Solution Suite

Tractor Zoom

Market your used equipment to a growing audience of qualified buyers across the country, all for free and with little, if any, effort of your part.

Tractor Zoom PRO

Streamline and automate used equipment valuation and pricing decisions with the fastest growing, most transparent farm equipment and heavy machinery database.

Anvil PRO

Deliver a connected customer experience with the only scalable, dealership-specific CRM that seamlessly connects inventory, customer data, and operation workflows.

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Tractor Zoom AI: Transforming Data into Decisions

At Tractor Zoom, we don’t just talk about AI – we harness it to deliver actionable insights that drive meaningful results for our clients.

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Cutting-edge technology for actionable insights

Tractor Zoom AI (TZ AI) combines cutting-edge advancements in data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to address industry and organizational challenges. TZ AI is a unified approach to live out our mission of bridging the gap between data and decisions with solutions that drive business growth.

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Beyond the buzzword

In today’s tech landscape, AI may be a buzzword, but at Tractor Zoom, TZ AI goes beyond mere hype. Our mission is clear: translate Artificial Intelligence into Actionable Insights that drive tangible outcomes. With our comprehensive approach, we transform AI into real-world results, empowering informed decision-making and driving organizations forward.


TZ AI in application

At Tractor Zoom, our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation begins with ensuring we always understand our clients’ goals. We actively listen to our customers to immerse ourselves in their challenges, envision the desired outcomes, and obtain answers to the critical questions:

  • What obstacles are impeding progress?
  • What insights are essential for informed decisions?
  • What does success look like?

Most AI projects fail not because of technology or algorithms but because not enough attention is spent up front listening, vetting, and researching the problem to be solved. 

TZ AI adopts a comprehensive approach that goes beyond only data and algorithms, prioritizing the design process alongside discovery, understanding the user journey, and visualizing the desired outcome. This integrated methodology enables us to effectively bring AI to reality.

Smart Descriptions

Smart Description uses Generative AI to process and analyze complex and incomplete equipment descriptions, transforming them into searchable filters and improved comparable values.

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equipment listing for 2009 John Deere 9770 STS

Outlier Detection

Outlier Detection leverages machine-learning models to identify issues or inconsistencies in equipment data before it enters our database. This quality check ensures Tractor Zoom Pro users have access to not only the most up-to-date equipment data but also the most accurate data.

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Comparables, inside Tractor Zoom Pro Search, uses AI to sift through thousands of possible lots to identify the most similar equipment based on a user’s search query or filters. This allows users to instantly access a collection of the most comparable equipment, providing a fast, AI-driven comparable price.

desktop view of Tractor Zoom Pro equipment search for Case IH Magnum 340

TZ AI in Action

See how our Smart Descriptions feature is helping equipment dealers quickly and accurately value and reprice equipment with varied specifications.



Designed for the modern workforce, Iron Comps provides all the accuracy, efficiency, and profitability of a big data platform while still quickly adapting to a business’ preferred processes.


Sale data on heavy equipment is just that, data. Iron Comps provides value by translating data into actionable insights that can be leveraged to make profitable business decisions.

A Data & Technology Company You Can Trust

At Tractor Zoom, transparency and data integrity are paramount. With TZ AI, we uphold the highest standards of security and privacy, ensuring that our client’s data remains safeguarded throughout our partnership. Our opt-in approach empowers clients to maintain control over their participation in TZ AI initiatives, providing peace of mind and confidence in our solutions and services.

See how Tractor Zoom is building trust and transparency around your data.

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Data Management


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