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Our combined company will bring about significant advancements in the industry and provide dealerships with integrated solutions that drive inventory turn and margin growth.


Combining expertise and resources to bring you best-in-class solutions

The decision to acquire Anvil App Works stems from our existing partnership, which was solidified in February 2023. Through this collaboration, we integrated our solutions and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers, who directly experienced the added value it brought to their businesses.

The Anvil and Tractor Zoom integration has greatly streamlined our operation’s evaluation and appraisal process by giving our appraisal team an easy-to-use, detailed platform to help them determine equipment values.”

– Matt Stracke, IWG Manager with AKRS Equipment

This acquisition enables us to scale this success and allocate increased resources to develop the best dealer solutions possible.

As like-minded companies, we strongly emphasize listening to our customers. We recognize that your feedback is invaluable in driving innovation and delivering solutions that truly meet your needs. The integration of both companies will allow us to combine our collective expertise and resources to build an integrated equipment cataloging, sales, and inventory management platform that will address the evolving needs of your dealership.


What you can expect to gain

We understand the importance of making confident decisions, improving efficiency, and scaling your business without adding headcount. With the acquisition of Anvil App Works, you stand to gain several benefits that will positively impact your dealership.


Our integrated solutions will drive inventory turn and margin growth, streamline your sales operations, enhance decision-making, and optimize profitability.


Access all the tools and features you’ve come to rely on within a single, integrated platform, boosting efficiency and productivity for your dealership.


We will bring significant advancements to the industry, providing cutting-edge software solutions that address your evolving needs and keep you competitive.

See the products in action

The Tractor Zoom and Anvil CRM integration helps you get through equipment evaluations faster, take on more machinery, and scale your operations without having to add more headcount.



Keeping you in the loop every step of the way

For existing customers currently using Anvil App Works or Tractor Zoom Pro products, we want to assure you that the change in ownership will have minimal impact on your experience.

We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition, and you should not expect any disruptions in service or support from either Tractor Zoom or the previously known Anvil teams.

Our primary goal is to enhance and support your business operations, enabling you to make informed and data-driven business decisions to grow your dealership. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value and service to our customers, and we appreciate your continued trust in our solutions.

Tractor Zoom and Anvil App Works FAQ

Who is Tractor Zoom Pro?

What is Tractor Zoom Pro

Who is Anvil App Works?

I'm an existing customer. Where do I go to receive support for Tractor Zoom Pro? For Anvil App Works?

Will the acquisition affect my Anvil implementation timeline or onboarding process? My Tractor Zoom Pro proof of concept process or timeline?

Will service quality change?

I'm not an existing customer but am interested in learning more about one or both of your products. Who should I contact?

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